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Zoom Pro Features and Support

Mercury IT can set up and support video conferencing solutions with Zoom.

Zoom Pro Features and Support

Zoom Pro Features

  • Video Conferencing Features including HD
  • Web Conferencing Features including Desktop & application sharing
  • Group Collaboration Features including whiteboarding, multi-share, shared screen, group messaging and presence
  • Includes 100 participants
  • Unlimited meeting duration for all meeting sizes
  • User management – Allows account Owners and Admins to manage their users, such as add, delete and assign roles and add-on features
  • Admin feature controls – You have advanced meeting controls, such as enabling and disabling recording, encryption, chat and notifications
  • Reporting
  • Custom Personal Meeting ID
  • Assign scheduler

Mercury IT Initial Setup

  • Licence management/setup
  • Software setup, installation
  • Staff training information, preparation, shared calendars
  • Help setting up calls, devices, laptops, webcams, audio

Mercury IT Initial Ongoing Support

  • Help setting up calls, devices, laptops, webcams, audio
  • User training