Registration Management

We are a leading provider of health registration management software.

Registration Management

Windows and internet based solutions for registration and management of professionals. Used by many major NZ regulatory authorities such as Nursing Council, Pharmacy Council, and Psychologists Board.

  • Personal and contact detail management
  • Registration process workflow including document receipts and events, and overseas registration
  • Scopes of practice & Qualifications
  • Payment batching and financial reporting
  • Conditions of practice management
  • Complaint & Disciplinary tools
  • Auditing tool
  • Document & File management
  • Automation to help with practising status and register export management
  • Integrations with external regulatory services such as Ministry of Health
  • Strong reporting interface with custom reporting
  • Integration with Microsoft Office Suite

Online extensions available for practitioner/public include:

  • Public websites including register & practitioner search
  • Practising certificate renewals
  • Online registrations & process tracking
  • Exam/Assessment registration
  • Continuting Professional Development
  • Document upload