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ChildFund New Zealand

ChildFund New Zealand

How did Mercury IT help ChildFund New Zealand move from an on-site server infrastructure, to a complete cloud-based server solution, all while utilising the charity licensing offerings available?

ChildFund New Zealand enables children and youth to thrive. The organisation works alongside committed communities to deliver community development programmes that create environments where children and youth can grow, develop and flourish; free from violence.

Mercury IT has successfully provided on-site server and user support to ChildFund New Zealand for several years.  In 2016, ChildFund New Zealand engaged Mercury IT to replace their existing on-site server infrastructure with a modern and future-proof solution.

An on-site server replacement solution was considered, as well as the hosted server solution which Mercury IT recommended; enabling a lower capital cost, whilst still being able to utilise TechSoup discounted charity software licensing.

Mercury IT provisioned infrastructure as a service within our Auckland datacentre, with dedicated virtual servers running ChildFund New Zealand’s TechSoup software. This managed solution provides ChildFund New Zealand with certainty around pricing, and allows more flexible remote working over a Wide Area Network, provisioned over fibre by Mercury IT, with secure firewall services.

By adding replicated geographical backups at a datacentre in Wellington, the new network structure has enabled a simple and effective Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning solution, which includes an annual offsite testing process.

Mercury IT continues to provide ChildFund New Zealand with a comprehensive managed services agreement, that includes technical support for IT and telco services.

Mercury IT provides ChildFund New Zealand with:

  • User support
  • Hosted infrastructure
  • Software license management
  • Fibre Internet
  • Backup and recovery services

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